‘Mug of Poison’ for very best friend

Mug of poison This time I present a slight ‘scratched’ mug with multicolor photo of leaves covered by the fresh falling snow.
“Poison Fresh – energy drink” such a joke.

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This is a test post from web services above, all works great so from time to time i’ll show there some interesting designs this way.

Zazzle offers a large variety of customizable gifts and i did there also my own valentines section. Enjoy:)

Looking for love…

Looking for loveIt’s time to introduce one of my 3D human characters. This one I’ve created for conceptual stock  images series.

It’s a person using an abstract love search engine (FT) and own heart to find some feeling.

Maybe he’ll succeed just like in real world.. things happen;)
It’s just a modern metaphor for e.g. Valentine’s Day (DT).

For high resolution versions or more concept designs with this 3D character please view my  image collections

Love symbol design

 Love Symbol

Heart symbol design

Simple red ( isolated ) with fingerprints like lines.
For real it’s  a 3D heart illustration but flattened to look 2D – the advantage is I can redesign it easy to add another view angle.

Sometimes I find 2D designs  too static and harder to reuse or rearrange in a way I want it later,  the light sources, angles and in space position.
2D editors layers often can limit that.

High resolution picture  available for download  at ShutterStock
[ Heart image ],  Dreamstime [ Heart illustration ]  and others.

► See  searching for love metaphor using heart symbol or free heart symbol photos created of  stones.
Several designs available on real objects like mugs, t-shirts, mousepads etc, check them out.


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