Masuria – landscapes in blue

The past weekend was a great catch of landscape photography for me. I like the wide open space, water, tranquility of the Polish Mazuria lakes.

Cloudy summer

I ‘ve got my camera and it was a great pleasure to shoot.  Especially the landscape photos are not so easy as they might look.  Many factors acts together like the sun light, clouds whiteness, water reflections and color, dark parts of the forest, ground and so on.

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Cappadocia… Fairyland in photography

Beautiful wonderland, wide open space of  Cappadocia, small population density… that’s what I like.

Cappadocia birds eye view


Above link to Shutterstock

That  space and silence is just amazing, I’ve took many photos there and that was just a typical short trip. Every single place there  can bring thousands of great shots.  Fairyland views…
It was a cloudy day and I thought there will be only a tiny chance to uncover a bit of  Cappadocia’s land relief but at last! the sun started to look out through the clouds, showing great varied terrain surface.

Don’t know how it happened  I took just one lens.. fortunately it was a wide angle. It’s been near two years ago and I hope to visit those beautiful places in Turkey again in the near future.

Churches in rockBeautiful rock-cut churches

Crazy bus rides

What to write more.. just travel there and see it for yourself :)!

Sent the wrong way by a GPS?

Wrong way turn @ Fotolia

Starting my microstock adventure and GPS concept with a human character is submitted and online.
Another 3D design with this cartoon human and same topic is on the way.

All we know problems when searching for shortcut we have to  drive through the wildlife preserve;)

Not blaming an unit, map man’s or software fault, old version  and so on.
Hope You’ll find the illustration useful.


GPS wrong direction

That is the second image GPS based.

For more conceptual images check out my collections page.