3D human concepts enhanced versions

More new designs to widen the suitability area.Social media metaphor(DT) Similar but more side view than previous holo sphere  and with other photos inside.

Human can be cut out and used with another design. I’ve tried to select most neutral and colorful images. That was fun also because at Dreamstime they already have a MARK saying – is it Your work for real – I did checked that because it is and I did read the FAQ and site requirements. After few days they refused it saying – are those realy Yours ? LOL – I said YES I did checked that THING, didn’t I ?! – finally they approved ;)

Paragraf symbolFTLaw - paragraph symbolFT    Paragraph symbolFT

These graphics are new concepts and slight refreshed versions. New ones You have to put fast as You can, because You never know what caused the associacion to You and the same way another person in stock market could be inspired.

Paragraph So if You do not just copy  ideas – make them real quick and submit right away, remember – first publication means an authority.

Sometimes the ‘copy’ isn’t intentional just accidental, the best option is to have a maximum fresh and unique conceptual images (I think so) but not completely unique, to fit some niche, otherwise they can be to unique for anything – to artistic for example.

Process or task managementAnd this illustration  is a wide range concept.  Started from an eco dice, through eco dice clover but I couldn’t get the proper look,  then just connected all the puzzle pieces and got this.

From the ecosystem interference, process modeling to uniqueness. Again at Dreamstime they refused saying: need a model release (kind of artist permission – artist who did that). I am really curious who did that if not me.  Very funny.

For updates check out next post New law metaphor illustrations or images collections page.

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Dice clusters

Dice clusters

White Dice cube cluster Red  dice cluster Eco system interference, process modelling, team completion Dice cluster - Black n white Dice incomplete

Here are new gadgets,  die of dice. Stacked complex dice cube clusters ( concepts of grid ). I’ve designed these  as  a metaphor of  complexity,  networking, team work, process modeling, task management, workgroup, collection, math,  concentration, integrity or something unique… Choose one.

High resolution images, isolated on white background  available on Fotolia photo bank, Shutterstock and other agencies, see  my microstock galleries at  collections page.

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