New law metaphor illustrations

Paragraph as Law Loophole

Here are two new illustrations covering the conceptual approach to the section sign known as a law metaphor.  Those images support previously designed concepts in Law symbol travesty – paragraph and 3D human concepts enhanced versions. Good for  Law Day at 01 May or various legal issues.
Law lecturer

Why there are so many with this one subject?  Because buyers need not good only but also fresh images and ideas.

There are still new concepts coming when I work on them. If the design idea is born it has to get out of  my head,  get accomplished some other way or just  trashed.  Inspiration needs to be used right away or it will pass.  Each next dead idea can lead to inspiration loss and that isn’t probably what I want ;).

These graphics can be found for example on Shutterstock:  paragraph selection, Fotolia paragraphs selection or Dreamstime paragraph collection.

For more sources view my  Stock portfolio page.

Law symbol travesty – paragraph

Cartoon man
has got involved with a law issue.

Section sign – paragraph – symbolizing handcuffs,
law inefficiency (@Fotolia),
patent restrictions
or a ‘snake fight’.

Here is a second one, accompanying pose, where the red sign symbolizes a horse collar or stocks with the same legal background and  widening it’s meaning to a caught lawbreaker for example(@Shutterstock).

And the third image  is just about to show up in a day or two,
with same character, big green paragraph and more fancy pose.

Update: more illustrations now available, just check out my stock galleries, next post with conceptual updates or collections page.

Law symbol travesty

Image on the left it’s a slight travesty of famous Laocoon Group sculpture with a green paragraph (Fotolia) sign as an abstract snake.

Now probably I’ll leave the series for some time with those three illustrations until new concepts come.

Law on Dreamstime
► More paragraph images on Shutterstock

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