‘Mug of Poison’ for very best friend

Mug of poison This time I present a slight ‘scratched’ mug with multicolor photo of leaves covered by the fresh falling snow.
“Poison Fresh – energy drink” such a joke.

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This is a test post from web services above, all works great so from time to time i’ll show there some interesting designs this way.

Zazzle offers a large variety of customizable gifts and i did there also my own valentines section. Enjoy:)

Similar images again – Dreamstime rejections 2

Blue cologne bottle colseup

© Photographer: Achilles | Agency: Dreamstime.com Views: 1093 Downloads: 0 ?? ;)

Nice article at Dreamstime blogs by Achilles
Similar images – how to upload and how much is too much

But i have my own vision as always and already replied there.

See my previous post about DT refusals, ZERO download files and reviewers inerrancy.

Once upon a time at Dreamstime – rejections

Battle of Grunwald reenactment This isn’t a ‘whining’ post but situation seems to be happening fairly frequently, thus maybe You’ll find it useful.

Me @ Dreamstime forum

“Hi there, maybe anyone can give me some info about that issue faster than the support staff.

My question is where i can find some information about the single SERIE rules.

I’ve just got rejected about 8/11 shots from big Battle of Grunwald event.
Accepted 3 and not the best of whole 11.

Completely different photos and carefully SELECTED out of about 2000 taken shots.
There was about 100 thousands of people, about 1400 actors and the whole thing wasn’t some tiny 5 minutes show.

People submit single object multiple times so how the… my batch could be a problem.

Got this funny message:

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Masuria – landscapes in blue

The past weekend was a great catch of landscape photography for me. I like the wide open space, water, tranquility of the Polish Mazuria lakes.

Cloudy summer

I ‘ve got my camera and it was a great pleasure to shoot.  Especially the landscape photos are not so easy as they might look.  Many factors acts together like the sun light, clouds whiteness, water reflections and color, dark parts of the forest, ground and so on.

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