Paper and wall backgrounds

Backgrounds are available already to buy on DepositPhotos and other microstock agencies.

Here are some brand new, high resolution backgrounds created with my new processing technique. As typical photo textures, straight from the camera may seem easy to get, they need to be -found somewhere-  and differ from all that stuff which already exists in microstock libraries. And because in my work I use different tools to achieve some specific results I decided to merge several of them to create better quality texture with less camera noise or distorsions, higher resolution and more original look.

To create those four backgrounds I started with plain photos or scanned images of paper. Then in Photoshop I’ve created an Action to save the time. That action rescales the image to larger size, performs some cleaning and image enhancing operations. Then it scales back the picture to the previous size or a bit larger depending on the quality.

Normally I would stop at this moment. Thus to improve the picture and change the perspective to “could it look better?” I load it into Lightroom and try to use some of filters already created thanks to my Project 365. Few clicks and it’s clean and ready. Because all the new textures are also additionally digitally painted and textured, this step is necessary for me to mix between a photo and graphics look.

Now straight from the Lightroom back into the Photoshop, to check and balance some incidental levels or sharpness changes, switch to 8 bit,  sRGB palette and save.

Still I haven’t used my magic weapon ;)

Battle of Grunwald – the biggest medieval battle reconstruction

A second event I have had pleasure to watch in July 2009.
About 1400 knights, 100 thousands viewers in 599th anniversary. July 18, 2009 in Grunwald, Poland.

High resolution editorial photos from the events in 2009, 2010, 2011 on Shutterstock and other photo agencies
► Video at the bottom
more on Grunwald Battle, the living history event, enhanced source

It wasn’t easy to find the best place to take photos. Every photographer would like to have closeups, wide panaorama shots, various angles and proper sunlight. But with that thousands of people You have to find the best place You can and stay there. Especially when people have to sit on the ground cause otherways it would be almost impossible to see anything.

Knights had been fighting for real – no pretending, but not to the death.

Knights fighting at Battle of Grunwald reenacting

Quick edit of the July 2009 – Battle of Grunwald 1410 – reenactment real battlefield panorama

At the time I was using a Canon 40D plus Canon 500D  and what can I say is that 500D performed really well and I had no issues with any excessive noise as some pople state.  Great, lightweight camera, good for women’s hands also.

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White dice From time to time I update my dice designs with new one. There are about six new illustrations with die as a subject not only conceptual also typical isolated.

Besides of metaphors those cubes are useful as  pure objects so I do supply such  type of image.  Available in green, white, red and also single big green/red dice cluster (as an update of previous three illustrations).

Craps table Also the Craps Table illustration, my all time WIP (work in progress)  got the new third version with shallow DOF (Depth of Field). Slightly changed lights and colors (there is completely different light environment used) and  different objects arrangement. I changed the dice material to look more glassy.

I’m sure the next image of that series will be available soon with different view angle , arrangment and few other effects.


Abstract dots There is also virus related metaphorical stuff updated, with gadgets like syringe and baseball bat.

New abstract dotted spheres, new SEO metaphor variant with floats instead of empty menu frames (see previous post). High resolution images available.

And what I  found is that great Dice rolling machine, almost nothing happens here but it’s  fun to look at and that thing works as the random dice rolls generator for play-by-email games:

Thanks for reading and see You soon at the monthly photo stock report.

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Virus – exploring the subject

Systematically updated commercial collection of illustrations

Virus in blood

Dreamstime: Virus in blood
virus images collection

Hit the virus v2

Taking the Swine Flu Vaccine: YES or NO?!

Antiviral vaccine making Antivirus Killing the virus Virus lecture

Above several  virus fighting visualisations @Dreamstime
with vaccination or specimen syringe

Funny virus and vaccine metaphor

Virus graphics @ Shutterstock

Viruses Viruses
Scanning Electron Microscopy stylized images


First version @BigStock

This is an universal and wide subject to cover,  so there are plenty of ideas and concepts possible.
High resolution creative raster images available at Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia,  123RF, BigStock and others – see full portfolio

Viral images collection of images on IStockPhoto – different artists.

Craps table WIP

Red dice in motionIn the mean time my timeless work in progress series 3D image of Craps table with red dice  has the second published version. Just started to show up in my galleries so You can use it.  Current version shows dice in flight, slightly blurred by rotation. Also added here  a bit of the  depth of field effect to blur background table.

Nice thing is that today this illustration was featured at Dreamstime as one of the Editor’s Choice images. In the view of search engine issues ( caching ) it stayed half a day at the first page and after about 24 hours should be seen in the best stock photos results. I’m very happy,  honored and grateful.  It always gives a breath and pushes up inspiration and motivation.


Thus Dreamstime was the second site awarding me with such a nice distinction. Previous was which featured one of my free illustrations showing red dice set as a metaphor for year 2009 (Dice 2009 red).

editors choice scx

It’s always nice to hear that someone likes Your work. Now I have to transform plenty of my twisted ideas in to new designs and still improve my skills, push other images into featured;) and better transform all those into downloads what is the most important for each microstocker. Thanks for reading!

► New Craps table illustration available.
► Check out the Dice cube collection.

As the virus spreads

Illustration of human showing abstract virus flu like

That’s a concept of the  threat we’re dealing with right now.
Microscopic flu like 3d virus (DT).

It is not fun what’s happening, but found it as  a good motivation to widen my portfolio range and get into some new areas.
Anything can become an inspiration, I hadn’t time for doing Easter designs so found at last for current news breaker – an influenza virus (SS).


New law metaphor illustrations

Paragraph as Law Loophole

Here are two new illustrations covering the conceptual approach to the section sign known as a law metaphor.  Those images support previously designed concepts in Law symbol travesty – paragraph and 3D human concepts enhanced versions. Good for  Law Day at 01 May or various legal issues.
Law lecturer

Why there are so many with this one subject?  Because buyers need not good only but also fresh images and ideas.

There are still new concepts coming when I work on them. If the design idea is born it has to get out of  my head,  get accomplished some other way or just  trashed.  Inspiration needs to be used right away or it will pass.  Each next dead idea can lead to inspiration loss and that isn’t probably what I want ;).

These graphics can be found for example on Shutterstock:  paragraph selection, Fotolia paragraphs selection or Dreamstime paragraph collection.

For more sources view my  Stock portfolio page.

3D human concepts enhanced versions

More new designs to widen the suitability area.Social media metaphor(DT) Similar but more side view than previous holo sphere  and with other photos inside.

Human can be cut out and used with another design. I’ve tried to select most neutral and colorful images. That was fun also because at Dreamstime they already have a MARK saying – is it Your work for real – I did checked that because it is and I did read the FAQ and site requirements. After few days they refused it saying – are those realy Yours ? LOL – I said YES I did checked that THING, didn’t I ?! – finally they approved ;)

Paragraf symbolFTLaw - paragraph symbolFT    Paragraph symbolFT

These graphics are new concepts and slight refreshed versions. New ones You have to put fast as You can, because You never know what caused the associacion to You and the same way another person in stock market could be inspired.

Paragraph So if You do not just copy  ideas – make them real quick and submit right away, remember – first publication means an authority.

Sometimes the ‘copy’ isn’t intentional just accidental, the best option is to have a maximum fresh and unique conceptual images (I think so) but not completely unique, to fit some niche, otherwise they can be to unique for anything – to artistic for example.

Process or task managementAnd this illustration  is a wide range concept.  Started from an eco dice, through eco dice clover but I couldn’t get the proper look,  then just connected all the puzzle pieces and got this.

From the ecosystem interference, process modeling to uniqueness. Again at Dreamstime they refused saying: need a model release (kind of artist permission – artist who did that). I am really curious who did that if not me.  Very funny.

For updates check out next post New law metaphor illustrations or images collections page.

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New image search results browser at Dreamstime

The search engine interface improved. Wow that’s really cool feature!

Smooth and clean scrolling.

Now You can get closer look through out the found images and preview these without hassle of zooming every single picture.


A quick way to compare and choose images. Nice done, useful thing for buyers and contributors also. Just go to , enter search phrase – then click FLASH BROWSER icon and check it out.

Also you can read forum thread here.

Cappadocia… Fairyland in photography

Beautiful wonderland, wide open space of  Cappadocia, small population density… that’s what I like.

Cappadocia birds eye view


Above link to Shutterstock

That  space and silence is just amazing, I’ve took many photos there and that was just a typical short trip. Every single place there  can bring thousands of great shots.  Fairyland views…
It was a cloudy day and I thought there will be only a tiny chance to uncover a bit of  Cappadocia’s land relief but at last! the sun started to look out through the clouds, showing great varied terrain surface.

Don’t know how it happened  I took just one lens.. fortunately it was a wide angle. It’s been near two years ago and I hope to visit those beautiful places in Turkey again in the near future.

Churches in rockBeautiful rock-cut churches

Crazy bus rides

What to write more.. just travel there and see it for yourself :)!