Paper and wall backgrounds

Backgrounds are available already to buy on DepositPhotos and other microstock agencies.

Here are some brand new, high resolution backgrounds created with my new processing technique. As typical photo textures, straight from the camera may seem easy to get, they need to be -found somewhere-  and differ from all that stuff which already exists in microstock libraries. And because in my work I use different tools to achieve some specific results I decided to merge several of them to create better quality texture with less camera noise or distorsions, higher resolution and more original look.

To create those four backgrounds I started with plain photos or scanned images of paper. Then in Photoshop I’ve created an Action to save the time. That action rescales the image to larger size, performs some cleaning and image enhancing operations. Then it scales back the picture to the previous size or a bit larger depending on the quality.

Normally I would stop at this moment. Thus to improve the picture and change the perspective to “could it look better?” I load it into Lightroom and try to use some of filters already created thanks to my Project 365. Few clicks and it’s clean and ready. Because all the new textures are also additionally digitally painted and textured, this step is necessary for me to mix between a photo and graphics look.

Now straight from the Lightroom back into the Photoshop, to check and balance some incidental levels or sharpness changes, switch to 8 bit,  sRGB palette and save.

Still I haven’t used my magic weapon ;)

Old paper background still goes up

Texture background of an old photo

2208 x 3316

Latest numbers (June 2011) are 20330 and 7630 downloads for a particular file.

I March.2009 I’ve posted a small post about this very popular file. In about one month it had 5284 downloads at my gallery.

Now the number is 11514, after next five months, so things slowing down but anyways it is pretty good result i think.

With pencil doodles

2580 x 3660

That second background image submitted at the same time was downloaded about 4743 downloads.

Update 18.11.2009

Actually after next four months in November it is 13895 for the first file and 5467 for the second.
Things slightly slow down, altough pages with those files got nice Google pagerank and traffic what can be very useful.

New Vintage style materials and backgrounds collection got started at my Dreamstime portfolio. It’s small  so far, but I add consecutively  new files.

In time I’ll submit other  textures, I’ve  used only  works of mine. ( View  image collections page for more)

Old, aged textures

Particular images of these available also at my other stock portfolios.

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Underwater texture

Watery surfaces

Water reflections backgroundLatest findings – underwater  photo abstraction and a white stone with  nice concrete surface crack.
Crystal clear water and a weird, golden-yellow sludgy bottom. Color is easy to change but I’ve left it as in original image.
It’s useful as a high resolution background or blend texture. There are more with this concept comming.



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Grunge textures

Antique Sandstone texture

At Shutterstock these old – grunge style textures for backgrounds sell very well. I’ve  uploaded this one just to check if it’s needed. At other agencies no sales, interesting.

My gallery is still small and I need to work harder.  Most of thousands of photos taken by me before I’ve entered the stock photography business is not apriopriate for this market and that’s why concept graphics have to support my portfolio when I can’t take photos.

But graphics  sells extremely well.  Shutterstock just ‘killed’ my other three agencies in one week by four times with downloads and more than twice in earnings.  Actually 10 days  and 3 other sites can’t beat them, even that my  portfolio on Fotolia is about 4 times older!

On the other hand my  Dreamstime texture collection is also under costruction, from time to time I add new images to my portfolio. Competition is high, so all backgrounds need to be every day better, more original, useful  and more processed to save the designers time, especially for vintage style graphics.

Brown watery background

More textures and textured images
in my Dreamstime collection 

If You think about joining this  market, You should upload  as many sites as possible, because no one knows where is Your best customer, wanting  Your kind of art. At one site only I would probably get bored pretty quick.

Thus I see there is a still a wide field to compete and when I’ll shot more and will add proper stock images to my gallery it will be two horse power.  Just read this earnings thread and You’ll know what I mean.

See also my personal earnings on microstock

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Old paper with ghosts

Texture background

This is a file from my “Old photos/papers” collection

Time has created a spectacular effect on it’s backside, I was really  surprised discovering those ‘ghosts‘.
Dozen photos and only one one faded this way.

This family photo was taken before World War II, a true vintage piece.  Hope You’ll find that old paper textures useful.

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