Old paper background still goes up

Texture background of an old photo

2208 x 3316

Latest numbers (June 2011) are 20330 and 7630 downloads for a particular file.

I March.2009 I’ve posted a small post about this very popular file. In about one month it had 5284 downloads at my  sxc.hu gallery.

Now the number is 11514, after next five months, so things slowing down but anyways it is pretty good result i think.

With pencil doodles

2580 x 3660

That second background image submitted at the same time was downloaded about 4743 downloads.

Update 18.11.2009

Actually after next four months in November it is 13895 for the first file and 5467 for the second.
Things slightly slow down, altough pages with those files got nice Google pagerank and traffic what can be very useful.

New Vintage style materials and backgrounds collection got started at my Dreamstime portfolio. It’s small  so far, but I add consecutively  new files.

In time I’ll submit other  textures, I’ve  used only  works of mine. ( View  image collections page for more)

Old, aged textures

Particular images of these available also at my other stock portfolios.

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59 free colorful abstract backgrounds

Updated from 9 to 59 images on 10-03-2011 – download files from  below the slideshow

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Get this book on Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques

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free images section
► more abstract backgrounds from Shutterstock

As  Blue abstract sea anemone was viewed about 18,887 times and clicked above 1,667, I think it’s time to add more free abstract backgrounds.

Use them totally for free and any way You want (for personal and commercial use).
These are byproduct of my work.

To download click 1600 × 1200 on selected  image subpage

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Old paper downloads

In about one month
5284 downloads at sxc.hu gallery

And the daily download count is not going down &  hits another record. Haven’t checked lately but I saw it hits about 200 downloads a day.

At first one could say that sxc.hu users are checking it, but they arent  checking it whole month for sure;)

So I’m happy that designers find this aged  photo background texture useful and when my Photoshop arrives I’ll got some new ideas to put on the page. Especially vintage style collages or pure backgrounds.

Some photos are great but have noise issues or bad framing, accidental objects in sight and these are great to convert  to an antique photo or even an ancient  parchment.

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Download rank up at SXC

» 996.

A big day. Just ranked into first 1000 in downloads @ SXC, so nice. And portfolio isn’t jet very big, in fact it’s small. But i do work on it. New free images are comming.

We’ll see what happpens next. Thanks to all for DLs and as always i hope my photos suits You well.

Not so cold and hard as it looks @SXC

Not so cold and hard as it looks @SXC