Selling photos – last 5 months report

A summary of the last five months March to July 2010
( previous:  February 2010 )

Medieval KnightThis time there is no detailed description for each agency stats, because it would make a real mess.
I hope charts below will  show best what happens with my images at particular agency.

We are in the middle of vacation period and this probably has some influence on a decline in downloads (black progress line).
It can be just my kind of pictures as well but it’s an ordinary course of events.

Last months I’ve made a great progress with getting more high quality photos. Two things helped me with this.

A postprocessing workflow improvement is the first. All the time I practice  working with Photoshop and browse any websites having tips, tricks and tutorials.

See for example  TipSquirrel , Digital Photography School or  Marc Silber Show & SilberStudios.Tv ( there are hundreds great resources on the internet ).

Shooting thousands of photos and choosing the right one is a part of this process.
( I create graphics and photos for years but this kind of activity always needs improvements ).

Summary earnings change,
month by month since February 2009

The second improvement was made  thanks to two lenses I’ve upgraded my photo gear.  Canon 70-200mm f/4.0L  IS USM and Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM. They give me a lot more light, speed and sharpness than my standard lenses, so there is a hughe difference with the same shots taken…

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Microstock earnings February 2010

Winter sun raysPhoto sales summary for February 2010 ( previous stats: January 2010 ).

After the December’s craze, February as the shortest month did not look promising.
Fortunately it turned out to my Best Month Ever 8-O. It was even more surprising since I just stopped to watch the stats.

This time I show You one chart less as I have already accidentaly summed up March results so it would be misleading.

Wykres sprzedaży zdjęć w Lutym

Monthly Income Chart
with averaged progress line ( February 2010 )

First lines – February to January

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Stock images earnings – January 2010

Stock photo sales in January 2010 – the eleventh month of my microstock ‘career’ (previous:  December 2009).  Finally I found some time to upload new  images.  Still it was not a big number, about 15 images prepared and some sites accepted less.

The biggest issue is my learning curve which i try to keep steady and steep but some topics and subjects consume a lot more time than i thought.

January 2010 was the last month for StockXpert :(, now it is just a simple backend for the site. You can  see it or read more about closing StockXpert.

Too bad because it was obvious that sales are pretty steady and i need just upload more, though.  On the other side it’s really interesting what will hapen to other stock sites earnings, where the customers will go etc. Ok, and now as usual my stats:

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Stock images earnings – December 2009

December 2009 was my tenth month of selling images on microstock  (previous:  November 2009 earnings). I have been quite busy in a real life and did not uploaded too much pictures.  Also i have almost zero seasonal, Christmas images.. anyways the overall result was pretty good.


More photos from Warsaw on SS

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Stock photo earnings November 2009

Microstock – the game of chance. I wanted to try it and I am in, since almost a year. Great challenge, a way to improve skills and meet new friends. But not only ‘throwing the dice‘ gives results. It needs a hard work and a lot of time. Watching, trying, editing, capturing, shooting, describing, keywording…

Sisyphean uphill job

November 2009 was the ninth month of my microstock career  (previous:  October earnings) and most important things  happen: less uploads from me again :/ caused by lack of time and enhancing my graphic techniques.
Right now I just ended next illustration where I studied the 3D materials generation what is very time consuming and needs a lot of patience and observation. Also my PC isn’t the fastest rocket in the industry.


Monthly Income Chart
with averaged progress line ( November 2009 )

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