Abstract flowers, digitally hand painted design on Zazzle

This time completely different design. Lovely, hand painted, yellow and red  flowers in warm colors for cold days and improvement of humor.

Colorful abstract flowers painting postcard

 Colorful abstract flowers painting
Available on postcards and other items like

Colorful abstract flowers painting buttonColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting speckcaseColorful abstract flowers painting
iPad cases
Colorful abstract flowers painting mousepadColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting mugColorful abstract flowers painting

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Egyptian Sphinx 3 Ring Binder

Pharaoh Hatshepsut

The subject: SPHINX face of a great HATSHEPSUT woman Pharaoh. A mythical creature with lion’s body and head of a human. It symbolizes the powerful solar deity of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

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Egyptian Sphinx binderExample Egyptian Sphinx binder design
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Back side of the  orange binder

Additional element is created by me Logo of Egypt with integrated ancient ANKH symbol – the Key of Life
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Egypt Logo, Sphinx and Pharaoh

Stylized ancient egyptian hieroglyph – Life symbol.
Get supported by the Key of Life, a stylish, metaphorical and minimalistic design.

EGYPT - ANKH sticker
Sticker design

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King Tut – grunge outline illustration

Sphinx Face speckcase
Example iPhone case
with Sphinx Face

Great HATSHEPSUT Pharaoh SPHINX likeness, as a mythical creature with a lion’s body and a human head. Powerful solar deity of an Egyptian PharaohRelated

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