Abstract flowers, digitally hand painted design on Zazzle

This time completely different design. Lovely, hand painted, yellow and red  flowers in warm colors for cold days and improvement of humor.

Colorful abstract flowers painting postcard

 Colorful abstract flowers painting
Available on postcards and other items like

Colorful abstract flowers painting buttonColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting speckcaseColorful abstract flowers painting
iPad cases
Colorful abstract flowers painting mousepadColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting mugColorful abstract flowers painting

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Egyptian Sphinx 3 Ring Binder

Pharaoh Hatshepsut

The subject: SPHINX face of a great HATSHEPSUT woman Pharaoh. A mythical creature with lion’s body and head of a human. It symbolizes the powerful solar deity of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Get source images related to Pharaoh from stock photo agencies

Egyptian Sphinx binderExample Egyptian Sphinx binder design
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Back side of the  orange binder

Additional element is created by me Logo of Egypt with integrated ancient ANKH symbol – the Key of Life
See other designs with Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s face on Zazzle

Egypt Logo, Sphinx and Pharaoh

Stylized ancient egyptian hieroglyph – Life symbol.
Get supported by the Key of Life, a stylish, metaphorical and minimalistic design.

EGYPT - ANKH sticker
Sticker design

Get source images of Pharaoh from Shutterstock or check other agencies

King Tut – grunge outline illustration

Sphinx Face speckcase
Example iPhone case
with Sphinx Face

Great HATSHEPSUT Pharaoh SPHINX likeness, as a mythical creature with a lion’s body and a human head. Powerful solar deity of an Egyptian PharaohRelated

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Team work binder, business cards

Teamwork series

Performance and engagement

Eye-catching Avery Custom Signature   Binders for home or office.

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Cartoon people (humanoids 3D) working together to accomplish goals.

Pushing large golden ball as a concept of business alliance, collaboration, team / work group metaphor  or  high performance organization engagement.

Source images available

High resolution source files of TEAMWORK concept  @ Shutterstock.com

Different version on Dreamstime,
more like competition

Team work or competition?
or other agencies I submit

Would be nice to have a larger work space in Zazzle’s editor :/ Anyways all microstock sites user interfaces can just get buried compared to this.

‘Mug of Poison’ for very best friend

Mug of poison This time I present a slight ‘scratched’ mug with multicolor photo of leaves covered by the fresh falling snow.
“Poison Fresh – energy drink” such a joke.

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This is a test post from web services above, all works great so from time to time i’ll show there some interesting designs this way.

Zazzle offers a large variety of customizable gifts and i did there also my own valentines section. Enjoy:)

Next dice images update

Updated dice sets with blue and red version, next dice cluster this time shows an incomplete green die.

Looks like Fotolia’s watermark strongly protects some of my images;)..

6 sided sets

Dice setsIncomplete place

High resolution and clean dice stock images for Your designs are on the way. Check out my collections page for high resolution source files.

Example Updates 23-12-2009 on Fotolia:

Golden Dice Grunge dice vintage postage paper card

And if  You need  free pictures (e.g. two backgammon dice) You can find those  through my Free images section.

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White dice From time to time I update my dice designs with new one. There are about six new illustrations with die as a subject not only conceptual also typical isolated.

Besides of metaphors those cubes are useful as  pure objects so I do supply such  type of image.  Available in green, white, red and also single big green/red dice cluster (as an update of previous three illustrations).

Craps table Also the Craps Table illustration, my all time WIP (work in progress)  got the new third version with shallow DOF (Depth of Field). Slightly changed lights and colors (there is completely different light environment used) and  different objects arrangement. I changed the dice material to look more glassy.

I’m sure the next image of that series will be available soon with different view angle , arrangment and few other effects.


Abstract dots There is also virus related metaphorical stuff updated, with gadgets like syringe and baseball bat.

New abstract dotted spheres, new SEO metaphor variant with floats instead of empty menu frames (see previous post). High resolution images available.

And what I  found is that great Dice rolling machine, almost nothing happens here but it’s  fun to look at and that thing works as the random dice rolls generator for play-by-email games:

Thanks for reading and see You soon at the monthly photo stock report.

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Shutterstock or “ShutterTax”

AnglerFollow the new Shutterstock Taxes for non U.S. Submitters story through my twitter posts (first entry).  Also you may read whole newly created Tax related forum at Shutterstock site.

The story about why now, about double taxes, about the solutions (deleted by SS – found in another tread) not considered just “pay or leave” statement (i see Shutterstock has changed their original message – but i did saved it:P if needed will show).

I didn’t make my decision jet just rised PayOut amount to 1000$ and wait.