What the Skull?!?

I had that idea of mixed Radiation Sign and the skull shape for a long time and here it is done…

Skull of Radiation shirt
Skull of Radiation
Contains unstable atomic nucleus;)
Made using Zazzle : What is ZAZZLE?

Skull are great to show specific emotions or intentions and are fun to draw. Since I was a kid it’s been one of my favourite subjects.

Pencil drawing
 Old pencil drawn Typo Skull (see NOC letters ?)

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Team work binder, business cards

Teamwork series

Performance and engagement

Eye-catching Avery Custom Signature   Binders for home or office.

See latest teamwork related designs on the new site.

Cartoon people (humanoids 3D) working together to accomplish goals.

Pushing large golden ball as a concept of business alliance, collaboration, team / work group metaphor  or  high performance organization engagement.

Source images available

High resolution source files of TEAMWORK concept  @ Shutterstock.com

Different version on Dreamstime,
more like competition

Team work or competition?
or other agencies I submit

Would be nice to have a larger work space in Zazzle’s editor :/ Anyways all microstock sites user interfaces can just get buried compared to this.

‘Alma’ and ‘French Roast’

Two  great 3D animations that tell the story. High technical quality, mood, style and design.  Click images to go to the video pages. (Turn off HD if  video does not play correctly)

Little girl and the magic shop
Alma is the debut animated short film from
Rodrigo Blaas
French Roast
Fancy Parisian Café story
humorous animated short film by  Fabrice O. Joubert
You can read the interview with author about making the movie.

Found thanks to the max3d site.
Check out the previous: Minuscule animations

Virus – exploring the subject

Systematically updated commercial collection of illustrations

Virus in blood

Dreamstime: Virus in blood
virus images collection

Hit the virus v2

Taking the Swine Flu Vaccine: YES or NO?!

Antiviral vaccine making Antivirus Killing the virus Virus lecture

Above several  virus fighting visualisations @Dreamstime
with vaccination or specimen syringe

Funny virus and vaccine metaphor

Virus graphics @ Shutterstock

Viruses Viruses
Scanning Electron Microscopy stylized images


First version @BigStock

This is an universal and wide subject to cover,  so there are plenty of ideas and concepts possible.
High resolution creative raster images available at Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia,  123RF, BigStock and others – see full portfolio

Viral images collection of images on IStockPhoto – different artists.

New law metaphor illustrations

Paragraph as Law Loophole

Here are two new illustrations covering the conceptual approach to the section sign known as a law metaphor.  Those images support previously designed concepts in Law symbol travesty - paragraph and 3D human concepts enhanced versions. Good for  Law Day at 01 May or various legal issues.
Law lecturer

Why there are so many with this one subject?  Because buyers need not good only but also fresh images and ideas.

There are still new concepts coming when I work on them. If the design idea is born it has to get out of  my head,  get accomplished some other way or just  trashed.  Inspiration needs to be used right away or it will pass.  Each next dead idea can lead to inspiration loss and that isn’t probably what I want ;).

These graphics can be found for example on Shutterstock:  paragraph selection, Fotolia paragraphs selection or Dreamstime paragraph collection.

For more sources view my  Stock portfolio page.