Spitfire Supermarine modeling

Spitfire turntable animation, trying to get the detailed look of an early Mk.IIa

WIP collage

Supermarine Spitfire modeling - Work in Progress

One day an idea came to my mind and it’s now being realized through that beautiful airplane model. It reminded me as I was a kid I got my first plastic models. They were poor quality but  it was a great fun to join all parts into one shape. Recently I decided to switch from low scale 3D models to large ones. It’s a relative impression, because in virtual 3D space all objects can have the same size, no matter how they’re big in real world. However the perception still imposes the connotation that small is small…

One big problem I’ve encountered is a lack of truly accurate plans/blueprints on the internet, weird.  So 50% of detail I obtain through some reference photos. It takes  more time to get that proper look but… that’s the current chalenge.

Virus is back

High Resolution Illustration

Image above is a path of concept evolution for that final virus image below. I had to re-learn  Blender 3D because I’ve dropped it some time ago due the version and interface changes.

New renderer engine Cycles inspired me to get familiar with that changed interface and add more graphics to microstock portfolio. It took some time to recall the way it works, keystrokes and tricks. But it was pretty quick process.

The worst part was rendering, which took finally around 100 hours, two composite passes and some postprocessing. Cycles is physically correct renderer so it needs time to work, also it requires other tricks than Blender Internal to optimize the speed.

And this is the final image, available for download

Black Virus among the red blood cells

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