Abstract flowers, digitally hand painted design on Zazzle

This time completely different design. Lovely, hand painted, yellow and red  flowers in warm colors for cold days and improvement of humor.

Colorful abstract flowers painting postcard

 Colorful abstract flowers painting
Available on postcards and other items like

Colorful abstract flowers painting buttonColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting speckcaseColorful abstract flowers painting
iPad cases
Colorful abstract flowers painting mousepadColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting mugColorful abstract flowers painting

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59 free colorful abstract backgrounds

Updated from 9 to 59 images on 10-03-2011 – download files from  below the slideshow

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As  Blue abstract sea anemone was viewed about 18,887 times and clicked above 1,667, I think it’s time to add more free abstract backgrounds.

Use them totally for free and any way You want (for personal and commercial use).
These are byproduct of my work.

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Free blue abstract background. For personal or commercial use

Calm, soft, blurry and relaxing.

Use it as a wallpaper, background graphics etc. This is one of my work in progress side effect images.
There are plenty of them which I don’t use so just wanted to share. Have fun with it :) and I hope You like it.

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