Spitfire Supermarine modeling

Spitfire turntable animation, trying to get the detailed look of an early Mk.IIa

WIP collage

Supermarine Spitfire modeling - Work in Progress

One day an idea came to my mind and it’s now being realized through that beautiful airplane model. It reminded me as I was a kid I got my first plastic models. They were poor quality but  it was a great fun to join all parts into one shape. Recently I decided to switch from low scale 3D models to large ones. It’s a relative impression, because in virtual 3D space all objects can have the same size, no matter how they’re big in real world. However the perception still imposes the connotation that small is small…

One big problem I’ve encountered is a lack of truly accurate plans/blueprints on the internet, weird.  So 50% of detail I obtain through some reference photos. It takes  more time to get that proper look but… that’s the current chalenge.

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Sample video tutorials about Cycles render engine.

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see my sample commercial illustrations made with Blender 3D
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Watch Live MODELLING PROCESS of German wehicle from World War II  – Kübelwagen type 82  using Blender


ROSA movie has ben made using Blender 3D + DAZ Studio

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Last Works!!

Originally posted on Rafael Ghencev:

Those are the last works i realized at Vetor Zero!!

These were 2 great films to work with, a lot of work but worth it.
In the first one i was the character modeler supervisor, and the another one i did the model and facial expressions of the 2 cyclops and the female texture to!
I hope you like it!

texture and render by ( Tiago Dias, Hair by Rafael Martinez)
Copyright Vetor Zero (Coca Coca Gols)

Coca Cola “Gols” from VetorZero on Vimeo.

LG – Ciclope from VetorZero on Vimeo.

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Art Plrang:

Great style and light in this short clip, although… what it means?

Originally posted on Profuse:

Goose from Dor Shamir on Vimeo.

Goose is a short animation produced in spare time.


Dor Shamir l dorshamir.blogspot.com :
art-direction, concept-art, design, character modelling, texturing, compositing.

Shai Halfon:
animation-direction, modelling, rigging, animation, simulation, editing.

Oryan Medina l oryanmedina.com
texturing, shading, lighting, rendering.

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‘Alma’ and ‘French Roast’

Two  great 3D animations that tell the story. High technical quality, mood, style and design.  Click images to go to the video pages. (Turn off HD if  video does not play correctly)

Little girl and the magic shop
Alma is the debut animated short film from
Rodrigo Blaas
French Roast
Fancy Parisian Café story
humorous animated short film by  Fabrice O. Joubert
You can read the interview with author about making the movie.

Found thanks to the max3d site.
Check out the previous: Minuscule animations

Next dice images update

Updated dice sets with blue and red version, next dice cluster this time shows an incomplete green die.

Looks like Fotolia’s watermark strongly protects some of my images;)..

6 sided sets

Dice setsIncomplete place

High resolution and clean dice stock images for Your designs are on the way. Check out my collections page for high resolution source files.

Example Updates 23-12-2009 on Fotolia:

Golden Dice Grunge dice vintage postage paper card

And if  You need  free pictures (e.g. two backgammon dice) You can find those  through my Free images section.

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