Unforgettable view – tall ships race

This year  I’ve got an opportunity to watch over a hundred of vessels at once at the Tall Ship Races 2009 ( @Shutterstock ) event. ‘With me’ there was about 2.5 million of spectators watching (summed up during four days).




It was a very hot, long weekend (near 88 F / 31 C in shadow) and we was at full sun through out about five hours, thus my skin partially got hit, fortunately I had my white hat;).. but the t-shirt wasn’t white 8-O.


Everything was just BEAUTIFULL.. Can’t be everywhere at one time so I had to choose some location. It wasn’t easy  to take particular shots through the Gdynia harbour layout, ongoing maintenance works (machines left etc.), find a place for take photos at wide angle, fortunately I’ve got two cameras with me.


A black camera body and lens was exposed to the direct sunlight and I had to hide it after each  shooting.


Setting long focal distance caused appearing the air distortion at taken images and sharpness issues. During all 5 hours we had sun just in front of us so getting best quality photos was very limited :-/


The biggest issue is that I can’t fly;) or haven’t get onto some cruise ship. But the weather was completely unpredictable at the beginning and I  had to choose to shoot anything for sure or take a risk and maybe return with nothing.


The weather altough changed for pretty clear! ;), though.

It was a GREAT EVENT and MANY great subjects to watch and take pictures. Too bad it won’t happen next year in Poland.

tall-ships-races-boats-and-sailsGreat tall ships, yachts and motor and other boats at the high seas.. just unforgettable view.



View few movies (Youtube: 1, 2, 3) from Tall Ship Races in Gdynia Poland 2009.

Flying Dutchman ship and moon

Flying Dutchman ship
photomontage inspired by TSR 2009