Humphrey Bogart portrait – Exercises in LIKENESS

My latest idea: “…I decided  to draw some famous face, so anyone can see the  mistakes I’ve made. I think the first one will be Humphrey Bogart or Marilyn Monroe…”

(…time passes…)

I liked that idea, so much that I tried it right away. The result is only SIMILAR and  needs more LIKENESS.
But it took only 10 minutes (almost A4 in size) of freehand drawing  and this time without any measurments.   I’m not sure now, should I do measurements or not … I used only the black oil pastel stick. No eraser used.

Hhere is the  reference photo (Humphrey Bogart)

Oil pastels speed painting

Boat, kid and a girl

Back to fine art

Because the digital art made me a bit lazy, I am beginning my come back to the pencil, brush, paint and canvas and anything I figure out, outside the digital world. I want to improve my hands, abilities and knowledge. Need to transfer it later to the graphics tablet, Photoshop, Blender 3D etc.

So this is the place where I begin.


My recent and first ever use of oil pasteils, a painting on the piece of paper cut out from the granola box and primed – colored to brown a bit – with  coffe from my mug. Impressionist picture 9x14cm size, based on the photo by Kamila Śnieć



It’s a 30 minute pencil sketch painted using black oil pastel. I was  trying here to get the charcoal look, also I have restricted the time to break my big aversion to larger format. This one is almost A4. It has some flaws but the speed paint mision has been completed.

First attempt has landed in the trash bin.

That kido girl above is a great-granddaughter of the girl below. First one is 9 years old today and the second is now 99.



It wasn’t supposed to look like that. First attempt was a disaster, I tried to fix it by shading with black oil pastel, but the stick was to thick and it didn’t work out.

Second try was pretty good, although again I wanted to use the pastel for shading and I’ve ruined it. Another 20 minutes “lost”.

The third attempt, after few hours, wasn’t great, but it had something, so I started adding a shadow, this time with a pencil only. Again, I couldn’t get the likeness, sudenly I’ve made a big mistake. The picture was pretty good so to fix that I had to use the rubber eraser, which I hate to do.

And then a miracle happened – the light came out from under the eraser…After first 40 minutes it was almost ready. I was finishing it later  with several breaks. Overall time was about 2 hours I think.

The biggest problem I had with this picture was the size of an original picture – 2 times smaller and very bright, so I had to carefully “measure” it from the distance and simulate some shading. I know what I did wrong here, but won’t write it ;)
Well.. will try to improve next time.

Thanks for reading and I hope You like it!

Spitfire Supermarine modeling

Spitfire turntable animation, trying to get the detailed look of an early Mk.IIa

WIP collage

Supermarine Spitfire modeling - Work in Progress

One day an idea came to my mind and it’s now being realized through that beautiful airplane model. It reminded me as I was a kid I got my first plastic models. They were poor quality but  it was a great fun to join all parts into one shape. Recently I decided to switch from low scale 3D models to large ones. It’s a relative impression, because in virtual 3D space all objects can have the same size, no matter how they’re big in real world. However the perception still imposes the connotation that small is small…

One big problem I’ve encountered is a lack of truly accurate plans/blueprints on the internet, weird.  So 50% of detail I obtain through some reference photos. It takes  more time to get that proper look but… that’s the current chalenge.

Virus is back

High Resolution Illustration

Image above is a path of concept evolution for that final virus image below. I had to re-learn  Blender 3D because I’ve dropped it some time ago due the version and interface changes.

New renderer engine Cycles inspired me to get familiar with that changed interface and add more graphics to microstock portfolio. It took some time to recall the way it works, keystrokes and tricks. But it was pretty quick process.

The worst part was rendering, which took finally around 100 hours, two composite passes and some postprocessing. Cycles is physically correct renderer so it needs time to work, also it requires other tricks than Blender Internal to optimize the speed.

And this is the final image, available for download

Black Virus among the red blood cells

Paper and wall backgrounds

Backgrounds are available already to buy on DepositPhotos and other microstock agencies.

Here are some brand new, high resolution backgrounds created with my new processing technique. As typical photo textures, straight from the camera may seem easy to get, they need to be -found somewhere-  and differ from all that stuff which already exists in microstock libraries. And because in my work I use different tools to achieve some specific results I decided to merge several of them to create better quality texture with less camera noise or distorsions, higher resolution and more original look.

To create those four backgrounds I started with plain photos or scanned images of paper. Then in Photoshop I’ve created an Action to save the time. That action rescales the image to larger size, performs some cleaning and image enhancing operations. Then it scales back the picture to the previous size or a bit larger depending on the quality.

Normally I would stop at this moment. Thus to improve the picture and change the perspective to “could it look better?” I load it into Lightroom and try to use some of filters already created thanks to my Project 365. Few clicks and it’s clean and ready. Because all the new textures are also additionally digitally painted and textured, this step is necessary for me to mix between a photo and graphics look.

Now straight from the Lightroom back into the Photoshop, to check and balance some incidental levels or sharpness changes, switch to 8 bit,  sRGB palette and save.

Still I haven’t used my magic weapon ;)

Abstract flowers, digitally hand painted design on Zazzle

This time completely different design. Lovely, hand painted, yellow and red  flowers in warm colors for cold days and improvement of humor.

Colorful abstract flowers painting postcard

 Colorful abstract flowers painting
Available on postcards and other items like

Colorful abstract flowers painting buttonColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting speckcaseColorful abstract flowers painting
iPad cases
Colorful abstract flowers painting mousepadColorful abstract flowers painting
Colorful abstract flowers painting mugColorful abstract flowers painting

Find out more about how to create REAL PRODUCTs of own designs : What is ZAZZLE?

What the Skull?!?

I had that idea of mixed Radiation Sign and the skull shape for a long time and here it is done…

Skull of Radiation shirt
Skull of Radiation
Contains unstable atomic nucleus;)
Made using Zazzle : What is ZAZZLE?

Skull are great to show specific emotions or intentions and are fun to draw. Since I was a kid it’s been one of my favourite subjects.

Pencil drawing
 Old pencil drawn Typo Skull (see NOC letters ?)

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Tall ship sails – old paper

“Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little.” Paul Carvel

Latest digital design in Old paper/photos collection. Graphics of a Tall Ship under full sail –  Masts, Rigging and Sails set on an old paper background.

Old paper - sepia/vintage styleSimilar artworks based on old paper

Image of full of sails and ropes, stylized to an ancient parchment from the old times of piracy. Pure sweet sailing history.

Created by scanning an old postcard backside, duplicated to get a larger size, digitally aged and then merged with a digital photo of sails. See online portfolio page.

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