Drawing lessons – 5 – painting the lake on location

Painting the landscape – Wilanow Lake and the small bridge

“In lesson 5 we had again an opportunity to paint using gouache. Our teacher showed us the place, we could choose a view, frame it and paint without using the WHITE paint. White color should be reserved wisely on paper, same way as in a typical watercolor aquarell….”

Drawing lessons – 4 – pencil and architecture

“… Trying to improve too much at once I approached another dead end. In lesson 4 we had to draw a front of this building, We could also choose only the portico or even a single column.  Well, I was so happy to be there so I have choosen the whole building (great idea). …”

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Drawing outdoors with marker plus watercolor

► From marker to watercolor – Wilanow Park

See few stages from the work

“…  I felt the need to create something right away, using all the new observations I’ve made, so the day after we went cycling,  looking for some good location to draw …”

Painting outdoors – gouache in the park

At Wilanow Park► Read the full article @ phototric.com

“After a week I had the next part of the course. Unfortunately the weather turned bad.Because of the wind and rain I couldn’t  finish the sketch from Drawing lessons – 1.

To our surprise we had to use watercolour paint this time – a gouache….”