Selling images – 02/2012

February was a slow month in terms of sales. Fortunately we may call microstock a passive income, which means I didn’t have to do anything to make sales. Pictures are already on internet and I submitted only few recently. Except of iStockPhoto where I have been submitting all my editorial photos since they finally accept this kind of photography.

It seems like I’m back to August 2011 and even February 2011 was +9% better. So I think it was a good decision at the beginning of the year to put more horsrepower into my workflow. February was -23% to January and -30 to the Best Month Ever.

No surprises, Shutterstock took the first place again.
I’m recently  practicing more some different techniques and learning new things than submitting images to stock.

Photography is not enough, in January I’ve been back to digital graphics using Blender 3D, see my ongoing project : Spitfire – Work In Progress  also 2D graphics using Photoshop and a tablet.
That forced me to critically look at my hand and technique (it never ends), so in February I started to draw with real pencil and got some oil pastels, paint, a set of brushes and canvas.

I already have many books about drawing and painting, I draw since I was a kid and need just bring it back to my head, hand and workflow. Although I have  never really painted anything using a paint and always hated the big format works.
I thought I couldn’t stand to draw an A4 sheet, not to mention something larger. So I’ve put a great pressure on those facts and already got 3 brand new paintings (wow) and large shaded drawings on paper.
Still didn’t used a real paint and canvas, only the oil pastels. But soon…

I’ll keep going in that direction by taking some paid classes  in a Royal Academy of Arts in Warsaw. I hope I won’t break my head and brushes there. The digital tools are amazing, but they made me lazy.

A wanting to create too much and too fast really reduced my invention.
Now it’s time to face it and wash my brain.

*Earnings from Zazzle, Canstockphoto and Stockfresh are not included in monthly charts nor added to the progress line. Earnings from StockXpert/Thinkstock aren’t included.

*Still I need to find some time to start with Alamy and Photodune.

What do you think?

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