Stock photos and January 2012 sales results

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January has passed and resolutions made for 2012 work well. I’m trying hard to take really big steps in organizing my time, workflow and task priority.

This month an average of 17 images has been submitted to all microstock agencies. Not everything got accepted but most of them.

Interesting fact is that what others don’t like (fe. 123RF)…. iStock likes. World changes.

January 2012 takes now the second place after October 2011 as the Best Month Ever. The difference is only -9%.

A real king of January was Shutterstock, which had it’s BME result over 23% higher than last one. Though there are loosers too.

Below is the first monthly graph showing the division of profits from selling photos.

Since iStockPhoto is now accepting editorials, I’ve submitted test batch of about 10 photos from Tall Ships Races and Living History Event – Battle of Grunwald. Need to try first what they want to have,  if the caption format is right etc. I have over 300 pictures to submit to iStock because I hate their uploading service so much;)…  I’ve stoped submissions some time ago.

On the other hand I’ve decided to not to push editorials to DepositPhotos. Now I submit editorial photos only to Bigstock, iStock, Shutterstock, Dreamstime and 123RF. The top seller is of course SS.

Nice surpeise is my What graphics pen tablet to choose  which started finally to sell some stuff and increase traffic.

Also I’m back to graphics now, thanks  to the introduction of time and job management. Got my new 3D virus image accepted, created in latest experimental Blender Cycles engine. Took me some time to recall all tricks and to know that new renderer, the rendering itself lasted over 100 hours but it was worth it. Now I’m doing graphics and photos together and switching back and forth. Will try to keep that workflow on.

My notepads with conceptual sketches are back on the table and new projects burning in my head. So it’s time to finish this post, cheers!


Total income chart contains  CanStockPhoto and StockFresh earnings, although they aren’t included in monthly chart and they have no impact on the red progress line. Also earnigs going to StockXpert account (from Thinkstock) aren’t listed here.

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4 thoughts on “Stock photos and January 2012 sales results

  1. Wow, that’z a huge piece of pie from SS ! Well done :)
    Sales at SS always increases with new uploads according to my experience as well. So keep up with your resolution and have fun with those 3D design processing !!

    • Yes it is, still trying to figure out how to improve the results from other sites. So despite of building the portfolio it’s a need to spread the word about those other than SS.

      • Few Image links through Twitter seems to be working for some extent …. I’ve checked the no. of views for DT files after I tweet !! If image views goes up, may be it shows up high in the search result !

      • Well.. it should, unfortunately Google isn’t as good as it was some time ago, today I find more great sites and images using social networks and forums, than through out Google’s engine though :/

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