Selling images: June, July, August, September 2011

microstock Earning reports |  previous report

Stock PhotosIn that period my average portfolio grew up by 75 photos. The red progress line went a bit down, although it should go up in the next report. I suppose sales slowed down due the holiday season and the fact that most of those 75 photos was an editorial.

That peak on July 2011 was only -2,90% far from the Best Month Ever so it’s not that bad.

Drawing a support trending line (from the stock market technical analysis) for the progress line suggests it’s still in the typical range.

Microstock sales results

Monthly income chart + averaged progress line. / 4 months / after the vertical red line

Still  results of CanStockPhoto and Stockfresh are not included in that chart nor monthly calculations and Zazzle results are shown only on the second chart.

A main surprise is 123RF photo agency which moved ahead of BigStock. And no surprise that the best stock photo agency is Shutterstock.

Agencies compared by amount of income. Since February 2009

Yes, there is no doubt I had some other jobs running and haven’t been focused on submitting photos though. Well, it won’t change until the end of 2011.

A part of my timeline is available in pictures on my Project 365 page which ended nicely on 2011.

See, in pictures, what took my time on: September 2011  •August 2011  • July 2011  • June 2011

That was one of biggest time eaters, but I’m extremely pleased I took that challenge and finished it. I have many strong resolutions for 2012 and they should show up soon here and there.

Best regards to my followers, to everyone who started or finished own 365 project and to all microstock fellows.

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4 thoughts on “Selling images: June, July, August, September 2011

  1. I love this idea and have a bunch of vector art. Now to upload, when I get a break from other stuff!

    • Vectors have best prices, unfortunately I have no Illustrator, suppose Inkscape could be ok but didn’t tried that yet

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