What the Skull?!?

I had that idea of mixed Radiation Sign and the skull shape for a long time and here it is done…

Skull of Radiation shirt
Skull of Radiation
Contains unstable atomic nucleus;)
Made using Zazzle : What is ZAZZLE?

Skull are great to show specific emotions or intentions and are fun to draw. Since I was a kid it’s been one of my favourite subjects.

Pencil drawing
 Old pencil drawn Typo Skull (see NOC letters ?)

My old drawings was always as realistic as possible, I loved to put dreams on paper and give them real shapes. As for today I’ve changed that approach a little. It’s now much easier for me to decide when to add some abstract style. Unfortunately that days I did not had such amazing graphics tablet :-/ like Wacom, and had to use mouse.

Deadly NUCLEAR radiation symbol shirt
Deadly NUCLEAR radiation symbol

Trefoil Skull is available currently on Zazzle but soon I’ll create more versions, also as source high resolution stock images.

I’ve composed Radio Skull with several products and colors, they’re easy to customise by adding text, other graphics or changing background style.

Trefoil symbol

What made me to go back to skulls ? Well… one day I found a challenge for me to compose some weird cartoony skull, easy to modify with few clicks. After few hours of thinking I’ve got first one, that Watchalookin design below.

SKULL - Watcha lookin shirt
SKULL – Watcha lookin by rangpl

Hope You like these and those new which will come soon.

Find out more about how to create REAL PRODUCTs of own designs : What is ZAZZLE?

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