Stats for three months – March, April, May 2011

Selling photos and graphics:

It’s high time to show the results for three latest months.
First the diagrams and next few words of comment.

Monthly income chart (latest months – 27,28,29)
averaged progress line included 

There are no big changes at the top nor at the bottom. Low earners do their job and one change in the big four is iStockPhoto moved from 4th to 3rd place.
Also my sales on Zazzle look pretty well, I did not add many designs lately, and it could give much better income. Zazzle is included only in the chart below and it’s not summarized with overal monthly results.

Agencies compared by amount of income.
Since February 2009

Most important is, that I didn’t submit almost any image through that period and downloads didn’t decreased, sometimes was even higher than ever. I don’t include here additional resources of income generated by putting my art online, like special requests from customers, some smaller agencies etc.

March was the second BME in a row this year with overall result +9.4%.
Then April -12% in compare to that last BME (March) and May -10% to last BME.

To feel the preasure I always compare to Best Month Ever.

Summary earnings increase,
month by month since February 2009

It is now 28 months since I started to sell images online, on 01-18-2009.
During this period they got licensed 5965 times.  

The average was then ca. 7 images a day with only about 350 images in the pot (at the time of writing).

Comparing my portfolio increase to other contributors I always felt slow and this year decided to change it completely.
At the end of May and June I’ve uploaded about 60 new images including photomontages / illustrations.

Now I know my new workflow let’s me easily to create about 5 images a day (I mean simple photos) and  I want to make it double. Maybe not every day but finally to get an average of minimum 2 images a day.
It’s not easy because I don’t do studio shots and process each file separately. Sometimes a collage or illustration breaks that workflow.

It’s  amazing how much You could learn and how much still You must learn at the same time / period???
It’s never ending story… but I love to do it

New tools like Wacom tablet and Lightroom  changed and enhanced my development potential.
I’ve made use of the great Inkscape editor to bring back my vector and illustration drawing skills.

Also I’ve registered on multiple sites that not sell but show off the artworks to get more feedback and spread my wings. See example Picplz experimantal portfolio or running photo Project 365.

Now it’s time to find all that photos in use,
Fortunately lately Google launched a search by image tool which will help a lot.

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8 thoughts on “Stats for three months – March, April, May 2011

  1. This is a helpful article! I love my Wacom pen. It’s also great if you do hand illustrations on paper (sketching your designs – like logos)..just trace right over.

  2. How is the Wacom? I am thinking of getting a new mouse.. As you may know I don´t do illustrations etc.. So I was looking for a mouse with tilt wheel, horizontal stuff etc.. what do you think?

    • Wacom is just amazing, it improved my workflow in plus by 10times or more. Some works I wouldn’t even try to create without the pen. And I did years ago full pixel by pixel graphics to the game using a mouse, so I know I could. But the TIME is today a hughe factor.

      A mouse is good for some basic retouching and some regular vector stuff. But If You need a fast, free hand strokes, mouse is just to slow and innacurate.
      Altough You won’t draw using a pen so precisely like witth a real pencil, because You look on the screen and not the pen tip. For that superb accuracy You’d need for example CINTIQ – unfortunately tooooo expensive

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