Selling photos – Dec. 2010 + Jan, Feb 2011

Rreport for Medieval ArchitectureMonth 23, 24, 25 ( see November earnings )

To speed up a bit, this report has only charts and overall summary for the last 3 months.

So what’s new… At this time I got a wonderful Wacom Tablet Intuos 4 M, which helps me incredibly when processing photos and free-hand drawing. A digital pen tablet is every illustrators dream…

Lightroom is the new application I use..  and hate it’s messy interface, but it has an amazing power to remove noise and add sharpness to  photos taken in really bad conditions.

Got it  tested already by submitting several  great but difficult to correct photos and surprisingly.. they got approved. Wouldn’t even try to submit them  after processing with  Photoshop and Camera Raw, because they would not pass. Even that I got created a nice collection of layered sharpen/denoise actions…  Adobe Lightroom is now a real time saver.

In the mean time  the photo “Project 365″ was born, also I added a lot of new designs to Zazzle store and managed to divide the time for microstock and creating products.
Now only need to find some  time to fix the Shutterstock add-on :-/

Another news is I expanded pure blogging with Squidoo to get more powerful tools for building more interactive and informational sites than I could using only WordPress, Blogger or Posterous.

First two publications are: “What graphics pen tablet to choose” and “Medieval Battle of Grunwald 1410 – Live Event”

It’s an useful and easy to use platform. I often like to update posts/articles and doing it here or on any other blogging platform gives no effect, as the typical “blog article” is seen  more related  to specific date/time than to the subject. Also the community and social features there are just amazing.

Overall monthly results

December -17% to best month
January +2% to best month
February +16% to best month and that way February 2011 becomes a new BME

Added Zazzle overall performance to comparison chart.

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4 thoughts on “Selling photos – Dec. 2010 + Jan, Feb 2011

  1. I like Lightroom also – I started with that, and now have Photoshop. I like Lightroom for the cool presets and Photoshop for adding textures. I do like Photoshop’s unsharp mask feature. If Lightroom has that, I have yet to find it.

    • Well it doesn’t have it though, but the standard Detail feature gives similar results sometimes. And sometimes we just need to use Photoshop for better sharpening control

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