Creating seamless vector patterns

Create raster seamless tiles is quite easy.  Lately I needed to create a vector seamless pattern using Inkscape – a great free vector graphics application.  I wanted the tile to stay vector after creation, without converting it to a bitmap form.  After a short menu research I found Inkscape has no such automatic feature.

Because googling took me a while and I got several interesting results I decided to put them in one place and share.

These articles aren’t dedicated only for Inkscape but also for Adobe Illustrator and others. It’s good to know different tools to learn different techniques or points of view.

Create a Trendy Seamless Type Pattern

“In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a trendy seamless type pattern in Illustrator using some text and icons. Although I won’t go in-depth about creating the icons, we will take a close look at creating a seamless pattern swatch. You can easily apply these techniques to other seamless pattern swatches”  |

Creating seamless patterns in Illustrator

“One of the frequest questions I get from readers is how you create seamless patterns in Illustrator. Today I’ll explain how I create such patterns and how you can scale and rotate them using different settings in the Scale tool options” |

Creating a Seamless Pattern

“In this tutorial, the lovely Diane Labombarbe (aka ‘diane555’ on has kindly volunteered to show you how she makes her beautiful seamless vector patterns. You can check out her work at”  |

Other useful resources

Have You have other ideas or resources to share?

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