August and September earnings

Street LanternAugust /  September 2010 ( previous 5 months ).

In  this period I submitted a large amount of images (large for me), about 70 files, so I know now I can.

But then I wanted to get some rest and started to develop a free web application to make my microstock work easier, which forced me to stop processing photos or making graphics… communicating vessels.

I got so much fun with that development I forgot about  time, fortunately it’s working now in almost any browser platform so I can slow down a little and add a feature from time to time.

In the mean time I had to get a closer look at some vector graphics editor. There was days I used Corel a lot, but don’t want to buy it again or spend money on Adobe Illustrator at this time, so free Inkscape was a natural choice.
It makes me nervous sometimes but it is pretty handy for some illustrations.

Ok, because those reports are pretty useful  I can gather my thoughts and plan future moves and make some money at last, thus  I’ll stop this talk right now and go straight to the point.



Agencies compared on chart

Monthly Income Chart
averaged progress line included

Earnings progress


Summary earnings increase,
month by month since February 2009


Agencies compared by amount of my earnings  since February 2009


Biggest disappointment.. Fotolia, Dreamstime and Shutterstock stable and iStockPhoto surprisingly  well.

Next time I’ll add to the chart: DepositPhotos, CanStockPhoto and Zazzle. Also as I stopped uploading images to 123RF I’m not changing that and again got a thought to stop uploads to BigStockPhoto.
I’ll wait with that until I’ll be back with submissions and until 2011.


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