Stock photo earnings November 2009

Microstock – the game of chance. I wanted to try it and I am in, since almost a year. Great challenge, a way to improve skills and meet new friends. But not only ‘throwing the dice‘ gives results. It needs a hard work and a lot of time. Watching, trying, editing, capturing, shooting, describing, keywording…

Sisyphean uphill job

November 2009 was the ninth month of my microstock career  (previous:  October earnings) and most important things  happen: less uploads from me again :/ caused by lack of time and enhancing my graphic techniques.
Right now I just ended next illustration where I studied the 3D materials generation what is very time consuming and needs a lot of patience and observation. Also my PC isn’t the fastest rocket in the industry.


Monthly Income Chart
with averaged progress line ( November 2009 )

First lines –  November to October
Overall result: +26%

Shutterstock (SS)

  • +7,79% downloads (DL), +195% in $
  • +87% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.36 (  average  value of single downloaded (sold) image )\

Shutterstock got just few EL hit’s, if not – November would be one of the worst months.


  • -8% DL, +82% in $
  • +69% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.71

It looked like Fotolia is waking up for me, altough because of December i am not sure what is really going on there. Also in November, after about two weeks downloads almost completely stopped also i saw strange fall in my ranking – in one night about 6 thousands down, strange, never happened before. (messing around?)
What i know is i have now and what can be useful by dint of  Commision updates 2010.


  • -63% DL, -63% in $
  • -63% in $ to best month (BME)
  • average all time DL value =  $0.92

Those -63 are really interesting. At DT they  mess around their search engine all the time, switching search results from RELEVANCY to DOWNLOADS and use probably other tweaks. You might want to read that funny thread too: Earnings difference.
Altough for sure it is not 100% reason i think about 50%. My portfolio is still small and i almost don’t submit  seasonal images.

Also DT talks about Credits and levels update (2010)


  • +-0% DL, +118% in $
  • +29% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.51

Good month as for SXP, they will have now subscriptions about 0.25$ and i think to OPT OUT cause Shutterstock for 0.25 is enough – will see (read more: 25 cents is too low for subs.).


  • +60% DL (remember – to previous), -54% in $
  • -79% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $2.38

I uploaded nothing cause lack of time and their ugly interface, but will do right after that report.


  • -37% DL, -3% in $
  • -17% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.59

123RF felt asleep.


  • -29% DL, -42% in $
  • -42% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.82

BigStockPhoto also felt asleep :-/

So if not Shuterstock it would by a ‘nightmare’. But no problem – December… looks like a big black hole for me ;)

Overall result comparison
since February

Summary earnings increase
month by month

Greetings for all readers and microstockers.
Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Stock photo earnings November 2009

  1. Lets hope that curve gets steeper and steeper! I tried my hand at submitting a few bits and bobs to these stock sites, I dont think they liked me :-( Who wouldnt pay for somebody stood naked in the snow?!

    • Looks like it won’t be so bad i thought earlier. December report is on the way. And You never know what people would like to buy. Just have to send more and also observe others results, their photos/graphics sold sometimes are really weird… and they sell!
      This month i got an EL for my simpliest stock image;)

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