Stock photo earnings November 2009

Microstock – the game of chance. I wanted to try it and I am in, since almost a year. Great challenge, a way to improve skills and meet new friends. But not only ‘throwing the dice‘ gives results. It needs a hard work and a lot of time. Watching, trying, editing, capturing, shooting, describing, keywording…

Sisyphean uphill job

November 2009 was the ninth month of my microstock career  (previous:  October earnings) and most important things  happen: less uploads from me again :/ caused by lack of time and enhancing my graphic techniques.
Right now I just ended next illustration where I studied the 3D materials generation what is very time consuming and needs a lot of patience and observation. Also my PC isn’t the fastest rocket in the industry.


Monthly Income Chart
with averaged progress line ( November 2009 )

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‘Alma’ and ‘French Roast’

Two  great 3D animations that tell the story. High technical quality, mood, style and design.  Click images to go to the video pages. (Turn off HD if  video does not play correctly)

Little girl and the magic shop
Alma is the debut animated short film from
Rodrigo Blaas
French Roast
Fancy Parisian Café story
humorous animated short film by  Fabrice O. Joubert
You can read the interview with author about making the movie.

Found thanks to the max3d site.
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