Stock photo earnings October 2009

I had a little delay with this report cause I was at Baltic Sea You can see on this photo.

Nice trip but weather was  ugly,  fog, clouds, rain, wind… not my kind to shoot, especially I mostly wanted to see  the sights at first.

Calm Baltic Sea Orłowo pier

Anyways, October 2009 was an eight month of my microstock activities  (previous: September earnings) and most important things  again:  more  images uploaded and returned to concept illustrations.

As each new  month October showed strange changes in sales at different stock sites. One site stops, another jumps high and it’s completely unpredictable.

Multimedia screens 2In October  there was no special incidents except at Dreamstime. After one sale they removed my 2 level file and about $2.4, stating that file was corrupted. There was  no request to upload new version for the client or any suggestion to resubmit, DT just removed it from my portfolio.

After about 5 emails to support, resubmitting the illustration and  7-10 days waiting, newly sent file landed again in my gallery but it had 0 views and 0 downloads in it’s stats. Really nice cause we all know about the price of 2 level images and  placing in search results.
I had again to write support requesting needed updates.  At last image got it’s 9 downloads and 0 views ;) (now: Downloads: 9 / Views: 7) (thanks to Carmen).

Watching latest pending queue size, my issue and various forums/blogs i could think that they had some hardware or software failure, because my file was 100% clean.  But can’t tell, just a guess. .
Fortunately Dreamstime had the Best Month Ever.


Monthly Income Chart
with averaged progress line (October 2009)

First lines –  October to  September (overall -4% – first time down after 6 month in plus):

Shutterstock (SS)

  • -19.8% downloads (DL), -36,71% in $
  • -36,71% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.31 (  average  value of single downloaded (sold) image )


  • +31.58% DL, -0.43% in $
  • -7.14% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.67


  • +45.83% DL, +75.86% in $
  • +48.43% in $ to best month (BME)
  • average all time DL value =  $0.90


  • -26.92% DL, -40.73% in $
  • -40.73% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.46


  • -37.5% DL, -23.39% in $
  • -54.68% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $3.03


  • +33.33% DL, -14.56% in $
  • -14.56% in $ to best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.57


  • +40% DL, +20% in $
  • in $ same as the previous best month
  • average all time DL value =  $0.84

Altough 123RF and BigStockPhoto earnings still aren’t impressive.

Overall result comparison since February 2009

Summary earnings increase
month by month

I do not try to guess why this month is down, cause particularly it doesn’t matter. For me it means: do more, try harder and so  I am. Also it looks that old one sleepy leader is wakening up.. won’t tell which one but… would be nice.

Greetings for all readers and microstockers. Thanks for reading!

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