Battle of Grunwald – the biggest medieval battle reconstruction

A second event I have had pleasure to watch in July 2009.
About 1400 knights, 100 thousands viewers in 599th anniversary. July 18, 2009 in Grunwald, Poland.

High resolution editorial photos from the events in 2009, 2010, 2011 on Shutterstock and other photo agencies
► Video at the bottom
more on Grunwald Battle, the living history event, enhanced source

It wasn’t easy to find the best place to take photos. Every photographer would like to have closeups, wide panaorama shots, various angles and proper sunlight. But with that thousands of people You have to find the best place You can and stay there. Especially when people have to sit on the ground cause otherways it would be almost impossible to see anything.

Knights had been fighting for real – no pretending, but not to the death.

Knights fighting at Battle of Grunwald reenacting

Quick edit of the July 2009 – Battle of Grunwald 1410 – reenactment real battlefield panorama

At the time I was using a Canon 40D plus Canon 500D  and what can I say is that 500D performed really well and I had no issues with any excessive noise as some pople state.  Great, lightweight camera, good for women’s hands also.

Archers before the show

Archers before the show

Armoured / Mounted Knights

Knights arriving

Medieval knights on horses


A man dragged by a horse

1 hour long show
The real 1410 year battle lasted about 10 hours

Thirsty Knights

Tired after

30C in shadow (86F) and they had to wear not only the armours, but also protective clothing under, through about 2 hours before the show and during the performance.
Some had to give up  – not this one below

Armour of Teutonic Knight

Spectators crowd watching the battle

Read to know more about the Battle of Grunwald, about Teutonic Knights on Wikipedia.
Watch the great battle part in Polish movie released in 1960 (english subtitles)

Also there are many videos from that event at YouTube but best i found is probably from polish TV History channel (in Firefox i’ve had some problems but Internet Explorer works ok).

And to the end just for fun (slight static but nice soundtrack)

The medieval camp

Whole families was living there one week preparing for the show, drinking, eating as medieval people and wearing historical correct clothes, using adequate tools and so on. It has to be for real and not just funny party;)

Medieval Camp

Back to the camp

Living in a medieval camp

Also You can find great forum about Battle of Grunwald reenactment with cool photos and informations.

I’ll try hard to be there next year, on 2010 at 600th anniversary.

Thanks for reading!

Update: Next source sites  found

Grunwald battle video (Ostroda)

Grunwald Album – 1999-2006 – photos, maps, drawings, paintings and polish info

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16 thoughts on “Battle of Grunwald – the biggest medieval battle reconstruction

  1. Erm, I am a member of a Scandinavian group, and I have to say that there is a profound difference between Tewkesbury and BpG, since Tewkesbury is per invitation only, and so of course they are courteous and take good care of you, they’ve already preapproved you by the time you’re booking the tickets! If the admission date to BpG is passed, then you’re being considered by their goodwill, and if it’s close to the actual event, they may be too busy trying to organise the lot to write to somebody. Hence a matter of business rather than meant as a snub

    • As far as I know they don’t take any donations in Poland and run everything from their own resources :-/ So that may be it. Also I have an article to post about some retrospections on past 2010 show. There was several conflicts at the administrative level. Hope this year everything will be better prepared. ALTHOUGH reenactors did their job in 100% :)

  2. Thak you for all the messages. Thank you too to Ewelina for trying to get me in contact with the organisers. There are some wonderful re-enactors from Poland and I hope you come to england for Tewkesbury Battle. However I am very disappointed in the awful attitude of the organisers who never replky to emails apart from my forst email. I am pleased your attitude does not represent the rest of your nation.
    If anyone wanst to come from Poland or any European country to an english re-enactment event , please email me and I will help you

  3. Q: Will some one please email me, a link, to the Re-Enactment, I had read that you can see it some where on the Polish Tv Website, the Re-Enactment in its entirety, Q: Why is this not an ILM movie yet? I actually submitted the idea, to them in a couple of spots, where I know they will get it. You never know, I know for a fact, that there are quite a few Polish people that work for: Industrial Lights and Magic.WIll see?How ever, at this point, I am strictly interested in seeing the re-enactment itself, so if anyone out there could email me, this link, I would be eternally grateful.
    Here is my email once again: Thank you. I was born in Warsaw, Poland by the way. But currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have plans to go to see it, next year for 110 Percent. When they showed parts of it, I broke down into tears! This is something so incredibly special. It makes me proud to be Polish! And very happy, that I am. Thank you kindly.
    Sincerely yours, Evona A.G. Phoenix, Az.

    • This year there was a terrible crowd at the show, I think about twice times more than 2009 so maybe it’s better You would come in 2011:) I will prepare a report for this show soon, maybe You’ll find some links You haven’t seen.

  4. Sorry to hear that Adam. I hope you can still make it to Poland to see the event at least – I bet it’s worth it. And there you’ll probably make some friends and direct contact which, believe me, will change everything :)

  5. I’ve tried my hardest to registar for this event and contacted the organisers before the cut off date on their website. When I did eventually get an email back I was told that the closing date had passed but if I sent in pictures of myself in the appropriate kit then I would be consdiered. So i did so and did not riase the issue that i had applied in time. After many emails asking if they had accepted me I gave up and contacted a Polish friend who was attending. She put me onto another organiser who told me to send in pictures of myself in early 15th c kit. Again no reply.
    I can only say that if someone wanted to attend Tewlesbury medieval festival (biggest in Europe) and they were coming to the UK to do so , they would be treated with alot more courtesy and their efforts to participate would be recognised especially if they were coming over 2,000 km .
    It brings me to the conclusion, they don’t want english to attend

    • Apologies, Adam, that I didn’t get back to you before the big event! Well, I got to Poland with my Polish friend and stayed with his family in Olzstyn. In the end, I was taken to the full dress rehearsal on the Friday, as they’d heard that there would be about 350,000 people heading for the Battle on the Saturday and no-one fancied the traffic queues in that extreme heat! (And that did happen, apparently 10-mile long queues to get in on the Battle Day, must have been very uncomfortable and frustrating…) Anyway, I still enjoyed it tremendously – had I spoken Polish it might have been even better but it was clear how they were trying to arrange the battle lines etc., so I loved every second of it! The costumes looked very authentic, as well as their authenti-tents in the encampment. The horses were magnificent and the horsemanship superb. Memorable moments….. Much to see, hear and smell throughout the camp and the accompanying stalls. I have a camera-full of photos and little bits of film. Was pleased to have been able to attend this special anniversary. Sorry you didn’t get any reply about participating, as you say, if you asked about one in the UK, I’m pretty sure you would get some kind of response at least. I did come across some Belgians running a stall selling books about Mediaeval battles and various bits of jewellery – apart from that, mostly Poles I should say.

  6. The fragment of a movie is from the film “Krzyżacy” by Aleksander Ford made in 50’s as a Polish superproduction of those times wathed already by 30,000,000 viewers since it was made, with very good costumes and very well showing medieval times. It is based on the novel of the same title as film.

  7. Hi Esther
    Yippee! I have at last found a site in English with info for participents. I too am planning on going to teh Batttle of Zilgaris, as I’m a Lithuanian trapped in a an Emnglish body , thta is I play th epart of a Lithuanian warrior in my group the Medieval Combat Society. Please email me if you wantto exchenge ideas and knowledge about getting to Poland this year

  8. I’m also interested in attending the special anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, either as a participant or an interested spectator. I take part in some re-enactments in the UK, more Tudor – 16th century, however. If not camping on the site (and I did visit the site a couple of years ago, a day too late to see actual re-enactment but it was impressive!), would there be local rooms or B&Bs to stay in? Thanks for any information. Esther Paige, UK.

  9. Where can I get information about the reenactment in 2010. Is it possible to become a participant. Please let me know. Thanks.
    David C. Markie

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