Stock photos earnings in June 2009

June – the fourth month of my microstock activities (May report).

According to latest month charts:

Earned on microstock salesThe progress line means month to month: -1,82%, +11,13%, +54,23%, +34,96%

So the overall trend is pretty nice altough i don’t like the  instability of some sites results. And it’s not about wanting more every day.. but just the pure logic need. There is just fuzzy logic involved ;)  Get  each site policy, programmers skills, vision, customers count and other factors and that mix will always lead to unpredictable results – if You  don’t really know the numbers (e.g real buyers, real microstock site incomes etc. ).  You can read example thread or just my post about those fluctuances at Dreamstime forum.

Altough after the crazy May, Shutterstock and StockXpert show really stable effects.  Also the 123RF and BigStockPhoto ;) Again these two earned to small to put on the chart. Both earned about 1/3 of the SXP or DT. I wanted to shut down the BSP through the really annoying interface, but decided to put just these images which don’t make me to fight with that convoluted interface. I just watch others results and the price for single download and it looks promising but it also needs much more uploaded content to turn the table.

Sales June Compare

Above chart shows total income comparison of my main stock sites. Unfortunately after a great May Dreamstime switched back to average.

Continue the fancy indexes – in short – first lines –  June to May:

Shutterstock (SS) +70% more downloads (DL)  with some On Demand sales (+84.99% in $). BME (best month ever)
– average all time DL value =  $.3 ( per single image of all downloaded )
– overall RPI (all time return per image ) = $1.16

Fotolia (FT) +100% in $ (after -56% downfall last month :>)
– average all time DL value =  $.63
– overall RPI = $.52

Dreamstime (DT) -65% DLs but just -35% in $
– average all time DL value =  $.67
– overall RPI = $.42

StockXpert (SXP) +23% DLs and 27.38% in $.BME (best month ever)
– average all time DL value =  $.68
– overall RPI = $.32

Still 123RF and BigStockPhoto not on the list cause of small changes.

So as i said, overall it looks nice but i think about increasing these numbers and still take some actions to achieve that.

June was quite quiet i didn’t noticed any tragic episodes at the microstock market. The news is i got approved at iStock at last, and submitted first 15 images. They accepted just one ;)  of first 4 reviewed cause the keywords issues and some jagged lines they say. I have to correct these and will resubmit. The upload process  and keywording at iStock are terrible and thanks God DeepMeta exists altough this also isn’t a  piece of software gold. Anyway i will upload tiny batches because for real.. i joined iStock at first but i was fresh, i saw they require some passport/ID  and did just gave up. Also at the Dreamstime, that’s why my login is rangpl cause i forgot joining as plrang ;) And that’s why my first site was Fotolia.

That’s all i think for my June microstock report, hope You’ll find those numbers useful. Thanks for watching.

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