Stock photos earnings in May 2009

Third full month of my photo stock  activities. Added about 13-20 new pictures it means about 1/4 more than had online in April ( and just about 1/2 of all wanted to submit, but the time… ).  Also in May I doubled my portfolio since March. As I see now, increasing it gives more income stability over the sellability.  Altough 90 images it’s still a tiny number.
It’s more then first 20 thus I can make some summaries. Those sold are mostly illustrations cause I have more fun with that than just plain photo edition, but  added few photos here and there.

Earnings Chart

In May Shutterstock changed their search engine which resulted with zero  sales in the first week. Later on they announced great tax news so I was sure that May will not give me so wanted BME (best month ever). Then surprise, next days Shutterstock sold more than in April and  earned almost same amount of money as in March.

That  is very inspiring and promising. I wanted to write monthly reports right after month ends, but decided to wait several days to see the momentum for real and get free of possible market maelstrom (still remember my portfolio has now about 90 images).

Surprisingly Fotolia was the worst this time, Shutterstock again the best (51  images sold), but got big jump at Dreamstime and StockXpert. Unfortunately Dreamstime switched back to previously tested poor relevancy algorithm which doesn’t look good for me in June.  And StockXpert.. have no idea what’s going on there.. sometimes I have sale after sale and with commision a lot higher than Shutterstock’s 0.25$ per image.

Photo earnings comparison chart

Overall result since February

This time some fancy indexes – in short – first lines –  May to April:

Shutterstock (SS) +8.5% more downloads (DL) in just 3 weeks and with some On Demand sales (lot more than usual $0.25 per image)
– average all time DL value =  $.27 ( per single image of all downloaded )
– overall RPI (all time return per image ) = $.90

Fotolia (FT) -50% in $ but just -20% of DLs
– average all time DL value =  $.65
– overall RPI = $.46

Dreamstime (DT) +500% DLs and +700% in $  ( small portfolio big changes;) )
– average all time DL value =  $.62
– overall RPI = $.35

StockXpert (SXP) +45% DLs and +165% in $
– average all time DL value =  $.52
– overall RPI = $.23

Still 123RF and BigStockPhoto not on the list cause of small changes.

What do I think about June, that’s the question..

Water Questions Asking

yes I think but won’t write ;) Will see and then write the report.

Greetings and thanks for watching! ( hope it is all readable cause I have some big headache 8-O, feel free to comment and correct my mistakes )

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2 thoughts on “Stock photos earnings in May 2009

    • Cool Add-on.
      And what i wrote is that my EARNINGS there are small (relatively smaller) and not the SITE.
      I know people earn many more there than me.
      Each one of us (microstockers) has different stuff thus different earnings and seasons.

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